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Split compartments allow you to separate waste and recycling.

Meet Totem.

5 US Gallons). 99. Replaceable activated carbon filters control odors, and the red-orange inner plastic bins hold liner bags and wash up easily as needed (while adding a surprise pop of color).

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Height 76 cm, width 30 cm, depth 36. Custom-fit liners for the main compartments and. This innovative garbage can features two compartments stacked vertically that slide out easily for daily use and can be removed when they're ready to be emptied.

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Custom-fit liners for the main compartments and.

Joseph Joseph Totem Waste Separation & Recycling Unit, 60L. .

16. The Joseph Joseph IntelligentWaste Totem 60 Liter Trash Separation & Recycling Unit offers an all-in-one place for household waste.

This stylish small space bin has two compartments so you can easily separate your general waste and recycling in more rooms of your house.

. £31. 40L bin includes 2 x 20-litre compartments and a 3-litre removable food waste caddy with lid.

55 $ 140. $3897. Our award-winning Totem bins all feature multiple compartments allowing you to pre-sort your waste and recycling, eliminating the need for additional bins, bags and containers that clutter your home. Buy Joseph & Joseph Split Steel Bathroom Waste Separation Bin Soft-close Lids Liner Retaining Holes online and enjoy free shipping on selected products. 60L bin includes 2 x 30-litre compartments and a 3-litre removable food waste caddy with lid. .

Totem is an award-winning design that combines all your waste and recycling in one compact unit.

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Like all Joseph Joseph stuff it seems a bit over priced but worth it for look and practicality.

A kitchen bin is the unsung hero at the heart of the home, but few are up to the task of coping with general waste, food waste and recycling.

Joseph Joseph Intelligent Waste Totem Max Kitchen Trash Can and Recycle Bin Unit Joseph Joseph.